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Couples Coach & Intimacy Specialist

Melissa Bradfield

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My mission is to help couples reclaim intimacy and connection with caring guidance and a compassionate heart. 

The subject of sex, especially at a time when your body may be undergoing dramatic changes, can be difficult to talk about. I provide a safe space where we can engage in this conversation without embarrassment, shame, or guilt. We’re going to open the door to your sexual desires, even if sex doesn’t sound all that appealing at the moment. And we’re going to break down the communication barriers that are preventing you from intimately connecting with your partner.

Ways I can help

I provide a place of safety, where couples can explore their vulnerabilities and unique challenges, we’ll create a path to deepening your connection to one another and restoring intimacy.


Individual Coaching

This is designed for individuals who want to improve your sense of self. Learn to love yourself the way you are.


Couples Coaching

Couples who have struggled with intimacy and for couples who are experiencing challenges caused by chronic pain and illness.



Know you're not alone. Group sessions provide peer support for couples and individuals.

Work With Me

I am committed to empowering you to take charge of intimacy with your partner while working through the unique challenges of chronic illness and other challenges blocking your desired level of intimacy. During our coaching sessions, you will learn to embrace the knowledge that your body is desirable, regardless of the physical challenges you may face. I’ll share techniques to help you deal with the side effects of treatment and empower you to take charge of your sex life, making it as beautiful and meaningful as you want and deserve it to be. 

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