Lets Talk About Sex Part II

It’s time to talk about sex, again. To have an open and honest conversation with yourself about sex, sexuality, and intimacy. Societal conditioning has made the topic of sex such a taboo subject for so long; we tend to shy away from the subject or dodge it altogether. Well NO MORE. The first step is opening up to yourself. Don’t worry, no one is listening except your consciousness. The ego is gonna get in the way and tell you a bunch of things you don’t want to hear, but I’m going to help you push past that.

Before we get started lets talk about your ego and your consciousness. What is your ego? It’s that voice in your head whose only purpose is to protect you from harm. The trick is, the ego doesn’t know everything, it just thinks it does. So when you hear, “Don’t wear that you look like a slut” your ego maybe hasn’t had a chance to catch up on new fashion trends or the fact that you look really really hot and want to show off. Your ego is that best friend who wants to keep you in a space where everything is comfortable (not necessarily good or bad…just comfortable).

Your consciousness exists beyond the ego. It is an awareness of space and energy and where growth occurs. Consciousness says, “that dress looks amazing on you. Way to go for stepping out of your comfort zone.” Do you understand the difference?

Now that we’ve cleared up the definitions of ego and consciousness, we step into understanding sex, sexuality, and intimacy as it relates to ourselves. How can we expect our partner to know what we want, when we aren’t even clear? The goal today is to get clear with yourself.

Find a time and space where you can be without distraction from others. Sit or lay comfortably and place one hand on your heart and the other on your abdomen. Take THREE big deep breathes and exhale SLOWLY!

In your mind or out loud ask:

“When it comes to sexuality, what am I afraid of?”

“What secret have I held without acknowledging?”

“Why am I keeping it a secret?”

Allow your mind to search for the answers. Don’t force it. Simply sit there or lay there, with your hand on your heart and your abdomen and wait for the answers to come. Your ego is going to try and interfere and tell you things that keep you where you are. Push past that.

Say out loud:

“Thank you for protecting me in the past, it is no longer serving me”

Or a simple “Thank you for protecting me, now get out of my way” will do as well.

This exercise can also be done in a conversation format where you ask the question out loud and respond to the question out loud. Recognize when your ego is talking and acknowledge the efforts and keep going.

This is something we can do together as well during our sessions. If meditation and mindfulness practices are new to you, this exercise may seem a little kookie. I assure you, it’s the beginning of your sexual growth journey; send me a request and we can get started.

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