Polarity: Bringing Balance Back

Polarity. What goes up, must come down. Opposites. Love and hate. Black and white. Right and wrong. This and that. The law of polarity states that everything is dual and has poles, picture the north pole and its polar opposite the south pole. Simply put, the law of polarity means everything has an opposite which is connected, extreme ends of the same pole.

For example, love and hate. Love and hate are opposites, they exist on the same pole but at either end with varying degrees running between them. Another example is hot and cold. Place a pot of cold water on the stove and turn on the stove. The water is the pole with the temperature being at either end. This is an example of polarity, much like what goes up must come down.

When you understand the law of polarity you can begin to understand imbalance. Let’s take love and hate again. Too much love or too much hate forces the pole off balance creating discomfort or unease. Balance comes from an equal amount of love and hate or hot and cold. When there is too much in one direction imbalance occurs.

– Melissa, this is great but what does it have to do with sex or intimacy or cancer or illness or anything else for that matter?

I’m so glad you asked. Polarity exists in all things, especially our bodies. We can feel when our bodies are out of balance. I imagine you sense a balance issue with the way our world is going right now and how the media and government are attempting to separate and divide us and them. This is not balance. Balance is when everything exists in harmony. I’m not trying to suggest that you’ll never experience any problems when you exist in harmony, but there is a balance that occurs.

– Melissa, what kind of jibber jabber is this?

Ok, lets talk emotional triggers. When we are triggered we experience a tightening of the gut, our breathing changes, our muscles tense and maybe we feel anger or rage. The trigger happens because you are out of balance with the emotion that caused the trigger. The trigger is not caused by another person or event but by an unresolved emotion you experienced. This is YOU not paying attention to YOU and deflecting onto someone or something else.

When we don’t spend the time to balance our emotions they manifest in ugly ways. Sometimes, they manifest as illness, pain, rage, loss of control or even harm to self or others.

– So, you’re saying when that idiot posted that nonsense on Facebook that pissed me off, its my issue? Not them being an idiot?

That is exactly what I’m saying. When you avoid the emotions that trigger you, the law of polarity says there is an opposite, and that opposite is how the emotions manifest. Have you ever known someone who never smoked a day in their life and was never around smoke ever, nor were they exposed to carcinogens, yet they died from lung cancer? This is most likely caused by profound unresolved grief that manifested into lung cancer.

Getting personal with yourself is scary. Uncovering emotions, you’ve been avoiding for a lifetime is terrifying. After all, there is a reason you’ve been avoiding it. I’m here to share with you from my own experience that it isn’t actually as scary or terrifying as we make it out to be. And once you come face to face with the emotion that is putting you out of balance, all you do is acknowledge it. Give it some love and compassion and acceptance. We are not trying to live without it, it is a part of something great. It is only one end of the pole.

It is recommended if you have not done this kind of work before you seek professional guidance. That can be a therapist, counselor, or coach. It is not recommended you do this alone; it is important to have the right support people there to keep you moving.

This is what I do. I help you get really personal with yourself, then with your partner. I help you create a life of harmony. It’s work, but it’s so worth it.

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