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I’m a single mom. I had my youngest son at the age of 40. Interestingly enough, I asked the universe two years prior for another son. I apparently wasn’t specific enough because the circumstances couldn’t have more off from what I had imagined. But here I am, 43 with a 3 year old. Fulltime, exactly how I didn’t realize I wanted it to be.

The reality of being a fulltime single mom is not something words can fully embrace. Needless to say, it is the most challenging job I have ever had, EVER. My patients are tested, my laundry is NEVER done, the kitchen is always messy, I rely heavily on friends and family because I am only one, and I never get to use the bathroom alone which I think ALL parents can relate too, even parents of fur-babies.

This is what I came to realize today. I’m working on overwhelm, running a business, a household, parenting; trying to keep up and failing. There are times when I wish I had a partner, but the truth is, now is not that time for me. I’m on a journey to discover who I am. Which sounds incredibly cliché, but it’s true. In the deepest sense of Self. Capital S, Self. So today, I decided to honor the rest my body has been demanding of me that I have been ignoring. You might be wondering what the hell this has to do with sex coaching…EVERYTHING.

Honoring yourself is where intimacy begins. We cannot expect someone else to do it; that’s what we call co-dependent behaviors. So in honor of YOUR rest, the time you need to recharge, take 30 minutes and sit in a hot tub like me, or in your most comfiest chair, or your bathtub, or whatever makes you stop. Close your eyes, and congratulate yourself for a job well done. Don’t allow any of those parts of you to try and tell you about all the shit that needs doing. We are fully aware of the list. But instead, listen to the whispers your body has been making about checking out for a bit. Try it. See what happens. Comment below. I want to hear what it was like for you to take a conscious time out and what it did for you.

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