Live Bigger. Love Harder

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking lately. Thinking about the people I want to help the most. I’ve asked myself,

“What is my purpose? What brings joy to my life?”

This is a BIG question, I think most of us have asked ourselves at one time or another. I believe my purpose in this world to help people heal, to give them the courage to live bigger, to love harder, and to find their truth. What brings me joy to my life, is watching YOU step into yourself, watching YOUR relationship grow, knowing that I was able to help elevate your purpose and give you the tools you need to live bigger and love harder.

There are things happening in life that impact our ability to live bigger and love harder, like a cancer diagnosis, or a disabling accident or menopause, the list goes on and on. I am talking specifically to those of you desiring more from your relationship with your partner, no matter the obstacle. MORE. BIGGER. BETTER.


Become aware of what you desire. You don’t need to be specific at this point, just aware. It is time to become aware of yourself, your senses, the beauty that is you and that surrounds you. Just stop for a moment and acknowledge the life around you. Start becoming aware of the ground beneath your feet, the air you breathe, the touch of your partners hand. Take a moment and be present and acknowledge the sensation.

American culture is so wrapped up in a hustle and  bustle life style we’ve forgotten how to pay attention. We take for granted everything around us. My wife always makes dinner; my husband always clean the dishes; I don’t need to say ‘I love you’ because my partner already knows… These are some examples of not paying attention.

I offer an excellent workshop that is currently available the 3rd Wednesday of every month called Tantric Informed Workshop. This workshop provides the tools to becoming more aware of your senses as you connect to your partner without sexual expectations or goals. The only goal is improved awareness!


Now that you’ve practiced the art of awareness, it is time to determine exactly what you want. An example, ‘I want to want more sex’ or ‘I want my partner to know they still turn me on’ or ‘I want to feel desired.’ If any of these resonate with you, take it! If not, through the practices of being aware, determine what it is you want.


Have the conversation with your partner about your new found awareness, and desire, and ask them if they’re willing to help you achieve it. There might be many obstacles that prevent you from having such a conversation with your partner. If this is the case for you please visit the blog post Let’s Talk About Sex Part III to learn some tips on starting the conversation.

To live bigger and to love harder we must be willing to do the work. Join me in elevating your lives to the next level.


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