For more than two decades, I have helped individuals find the best version of themselves behind a stylist chair. I had the pleasure of helping women and men feel good on the outside while our time was also spent helping them feel good on the inside. With a bachelor’s degree in psychology, graduate studies in marriage and family therapy, and well-honed intuitive skills, I discovered along the way that my true calling is helping individuals discover and recognize their truest self. 

 It was about 3 years ago I discovered a profound meaning of awareness that has been growing and cultivating inside of me. The awareness of what it means to be me. I became a successful business owner of an organic hair salon and was privileged to be a mentor and educator. As I began my master’s level education, I became drawn to sexual health and intimacy. I understand the need for support in a culture that likes to judge you for being a different kind of normal. 

I became a single parent at the age of 40 and witnessed the challenges and struggles of life. But, I believe with all of my being that anything is possible for anyone. So, I embarked on my next journey discovering my truest self and my gift to the world; which is the power of believing ANYTHING is possible if you want it bad enough. You are good enough to do and be anything you want!  

Education & Certificates:


  1. Certified Clinical Sex Coach – Dr. Rachael Institute 2021
  2. Intensive Sex Therapy Training Program – University Guelph 2021
  3. Graduate Studies Marriage and Family Therapy – Northcentral University
  4. Training in Internal Family Systems Therapy (IFS) method
  5. Heart Centered Therapy

My Passion

A question I will probably ask you is “What lights you up?” so I thought I should tell you what lights me up. My passion comes from deep inside me. When I am given the opportunity to help someone step into themselves, I feel an energy from inside me that lights up the world. Coaching individuals and couples through the challenges of life is my purpose. Helping you see another way of doing something, seeing your light bulb click on, watching you experience the next level of your life is what lights me up. Passion is something I feel. I feel in energy that radiates from my core and I feel this the most when I can impact others in a way that elevates them and raises them up high enough to touch the sky. 

We all have super-powers. Discovering yours is mine! Helping people connect, helping couples and individuals to realize their full intimate potential, helping people to communicate and to discover their purpose is what I do. 

My Goals

My goals are to help you establish an empowering mindset that will sustain you the rest of your life. You will learn how to: 

  • Identify your thoughts from the beliefs of others 
  • Connect with yourself in a way that makes sense
  • Break through communication blocks
  • Overcome triggering emotions such as worthlessness, anger, resentment 
  • Find and utilize resources 
  • Master self-love
  • Identify your purpose
My coaching style is one of mindful awareness and strength-based collaboration. We spend little to no time focusing on the things that don’t work and most of our time focusing on what does work as well as what you’re willing to try. We will spend significant time learning about awareness of self and others. We take a deep dive so that you only have to do this once, and you’ll leave coaching with the skills to overcome any future challenges. 

I do not treat mental illness, so you won’t receive a diagnosis, assessment or treatment for mental health conditions. I am not a therapist.

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