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Secure a spot in the Activate your Purpose Masterclass
Activate your Purpose
The course starts January 3rd and runs thru February 28th.
What’s included:
🌟 Weekly zoom call
✨ PDF guide to successfully activating your purpose
🌟 Access to a PRIVATE Facebook Group
What you’ll LEARN:
✨ You’ll discover your passion
🌟 You’ll learn how to know what to do next
✨ You’ll learn how to manage triggers such as negative self talk
🌟 You’ll learn how to understand invisible blocks
✨ You’ll learn to differentiate between the beliefs you have that hinder you and help you
🌟 You’ll discover what ideas you have and how to turn them into goals that fill you with passion and purpose
✨ You’ll learn how to write a plan of action and how to ACTIVATE your PURPOSE


This is a pre-recorded workshop for you and your partner to build a stronger foundation of connectedness through intimacy and awareness.  

$75.00 for pre-recorded workshop & PDF

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